Cookbook by Rohit Ghai

Cookbook by Rohit Ghai: Journey of Michelin-Starred Chef Rohit Ghai

Michelin-starred Rohit Ghai has become one of the culinary world’s most in-demand chefs after a hugely successful decade on the London restaurant scene.

In addition, in his native Punjab, India, Rohit Ghai’s love affair with food began, as vividly captured in the cookbook by Rohit Ghai. After studying Indian cuisine in New Delhi, he perfected his craft at esteemed hotel groups across the country. Furthermore, after moving to the UK, Rohit worked in leading Indian restaurants like Benares, Trishna, Gymkhana, Hoppers, Jamavar, and Bombay Bustle. In fact, he headed kitchens at these establishments. Notably, Rohit is the first Indian chef to have won a Michelin star – for Jamavar within ten months of the restaurant’s opening. In 2018, he launched his first solo London restaurant, Kutir.
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Rohit Ghai’s Homage to Vegetarian and Vegan Delights with Innovative Indian Flavours

As a result, the cookbook by Rohit Ghai gained him a reputation for colourful, flavour-rich curries. Inspired by India’s rich food scene, these showcase classic and lesser-known Indian flavours. Moreover, Tarkari, meaning ‘vegetable’, is Rohit’s first book and similarly celebrates this diverse heritage – but on a more personal, homely note.

Packed with innovative vegetarian and vegan dishes, it pays homage to the food his parents ate. For example, creative starters like Malabar Cauliflower lead the way. Followed by big, bold curries such as Jackfruit Masala and Lotus Root Kofta, along with breads, rice, dips, and pickles. Tarkari includes everything you need to cook truly spectacular Indian vegetarian and vegan meals at home.

Rohit Ghai’s backstory is the stuff of culinary legend.’ GQ

Rohit is respectful of the traditions of Indian cooking, yet unafraid of innovation and refinement.’ – Pierre Koffmann

‘Faultless cooking that has immediately propelled it into London’s very top tier for nouvelle cuisine.’ Harden’s London Restaurant Guide on Kutir

A copy of TARKARI is available to purchase at Kutir for £25

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